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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Some of my Favourite things by Sue Smyth

Dragon Egg Trinket Box
Altered Record and 
Glasses case 
By Sue Smyth 

Hi Bloggers
This time I found a neat little wooden box at Kmart so
of course had to alter it.
I wanted to make it into a trinket box, but one 
that you could imagine being found in 
a Gothic castle or find a dragons egg inside like 
a jewel.

Inside I wanted an egg, made with the same
egg shell that I used to decorate the top.

The base and top are ID chipboard frame
that has been embossed twice,
but I have also rubbed in a little coloured inka gold 
See below for a little tutorial 

Next is an altered Record, which I have been 
wanting to do for a while.
I wanted to paint my record and not keep the black surface.

Here I have painted the chipboard title with 
matt black spray paint, then I have rubbed
over an Art Alchemy wax called opal magic
it gives an iridescent glow over black 

Flowers have been spritzed with purple glimmer mist
but only in the centres, for a two tone look.

The agapanthus chipboard is painted with a moss paint 
system by plaid and then orange prills have
been adhered to the top with
dimensional magic.

The little birds I have altered to look
like faux cloisonne.
First paint with a thick layer of metallic paint or liquid pearls
then swirl a contrasting liquid pearl over top.
Use a toothpick to swirl it all over the surface.
It gives a look of cloisonne or enameling.

I have altered the background of the record after it was painted with gesso
with a stencil and green glitter paste.

Here is a little fun, I have altered my glasses case
As you know I love bugs ATM at least lol.
So I found a wonderful cicada trinket and decided 
to add it to my glasses case 
with the addition of some new ID chipboard

The chipboard is adhere directly to the glasses case with 
gel medium then I have painted the case 
black, then turquoise and then black again,
Rub over with gold paint, then rub over the 
Art Alchemy opal magic for that 
purplish shine.

I have adhered pearls strips and some odd metal hinges 
to the sides for detail.

And of course it still works and is practical too.

Mini Tutorial on Dragon Trinket box 

To make the feet, I have used large glass beads,
then inserted a toothpick into them and 
glued them in place, Set them aside to dry.
Then poke holes in the base, thread in 
the toothpick and trim off the excess
adhere in place with glue.

Decorate the sides with pearls and die cuts 
for texture, adhere down with gel medium.

Now for the top, adhere egg shell with a layer 
of texture paste, I find it holds the egg shell better
than just gel medium.

Adhere plastic trim to the lid edge with 
gel medium 

I like to paint the inside with black spray paint 
to hide any paint spills and splots.

Once the egg shell is dry and painted with 
teal dylusion paint, I have rubbed 
in turquoise, purple and cobalt inka gold
for a lustrous peacock look.

Emboss both of the frames, twice then adhere to top and 
bottom of box.
And add the crystal knob as a handle and of course 
some trinkets and pearls as pictured.

I hope you have enjoyed this months projects 
and keep an eye out for next time 

Happy Crafting 

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

tiny treasures by sue smyth

Tiny Treasures
By Sue Smyth 

Hi bloggers
This time on the blog I am sharing a few small things.
My workshop is overflowing with lots of projects
so this year I am looking  at small projects, very small, as I
simply dont have the room for bigger projects.
So my first treasure is a tin, decorated with an eggshell
heart..I have called it " Be still my beating heart"!

The Styrofoam heart is covered with texture paste and 
then cleaned egg shell is set into it. I have 
added micro beads around the base and 
once dry I have then painted it with 
red paint and rubbed over with gold.

I have then altered an arrow, and I loved this effect so much I have done
more of them, that I will share with you below.

The trinket crown is adorned with tiny 
3mm or 2mm rhinestones and pearls.
When you are working small 
the thing to remember is the details matter.

Inside I have made a simple mini album, which
I have not filled with photos yet but will in time.

Under the heart is an ID Wendy 
frame that is embossed with Aged Gold 
embossing powder and spritzed with 
black dylusions while hot, for 
an even more aged look.

This is what the heart looked like raw.
You can see the eggshell is broken into
pieces to press into the texture paste.
It is a bit fiddly but worth the effort.
Then add the micro beads around the 
bottom to hide any rough edges.

More Arrow fun, I loved doing the wrapped arrow above
so much, I made more.
this one has a trinket butterfly on the flight.
and I have wrapped the shaft with red wire.
The head of the arrow is wrapped in gold metal shim
and then hammered to look aged. Rub 
a little black gesso over it to 
stick in the crevices. 

A large red jewel finishes the tip, along 
with a tiny crown and of course lots of 
2mm rhinestones.

The butterfly has more 2mm rhinestones and 
gold micro beads to add interest and texture.

He is another arrow, I have added a small 
metal arrow to the shaft, after
I have wrapped it with red 

I have wrapped the head of the arrow the same as 
above, but this time added small details
and a large trinket corner underneath.
The flight has a metal skeleton leaf, which
I have cut up to resemble metal spikes.

These arrows can be a feature on another project (like the 
tin above) or even a pin or brooch. They are 
just a bit of fun to do and yes they dont
take up much room.

Here you can see what I have done with the 
arrow, first paint black.
then cover as much as you can with
metal shim, wire and rhinestones, 
with the goal being that you can no 
longer tell it is just chipboard.

The next little treasures are tags. Again this is 
a small project. I was cleaning out
my beading boxes and came
across lots of lovely small beads in the shape
of flowers, leaves and butterflies. 
I thought what a shame I do not use them more.

So I shifted them over to the scrapbooking section 
and now use them on all sorts of projects.

This tag uses the tiny ID bird cage,
it is simply embossed in aged gold 
so it looks just like a gold trinket itself.
I have added a tiny bracket frame and 
words too.

Here I have enameled the butterfly wings, I will 
have to share this in more detail in another post.
as I forgot to take photos for you all.(I get involved and forget lol)
I use a thick metallic paint and pearl drops to 
make a swirly pattern and then let dry.

The bead leaves look like green glass 
and  give a great detail and
shine to the tag.

Here I have added another small detail
the resin rose, which  I have made myself
with 2 part resin.

The tag base is simply painted black 
and then covered with old book pages, 
which have been trimmed with deckle scissors
and inked to add an aged look.

This is a great base to start layering 
tiny elements onto.

Happy Crafting !

Saturday, February 18, 2017

flash back friday 4

Flash back Friday 

Here is another project from 2013, for Imaginarium Designs
I have used purple here as my theme to 
match the dress on my daughter.
You either love or hate purple, me I love it, used 
properly Purple really pops!

The chipboard here is painted with a metallic 
crackle medium over top of white gesso.

The Butterfly is painted with white gesso, and then 
inked gently around the edges. Then 
I have covered the surface with Dimensional magic
and a light sprinkle of white glitter to enhance 
the colour.
I have also added rhinestone flourishes to the background
and painted them white along with all of 
the other textures. I just love this 
technique and it uses up old rhinestone elements
that are horrible colours.

The background has texture paste applied over it and then
painted with white gesso before spraying with 
purple and green spray inks.

I have added touches of crackle medium to the background too.
This is highlighted when you add the sprays.

Again this layout has stood the test of time 
and I still use it in displays, it shows 
what a great textured background can do 
to set up the rest of the page.

By adding gesso to other elements on the page
it has a seamless look 

Happy Crafting 
From Sue Smyth 

Friday, February 10, 2017

flash back friday 3

Flash Back Friday  

This is another of my favourite projects from 2013
I had learnt a lot from the previous shoe 
project and of course I had the other shoe left from the pair!

So I wanted to create a kind of Wizard of Oz 
theme for Imaginarium Designs. So I have 
started with a ruby slipper, painting the whole shoe
with dimensional magic and sprinkling over with fine
red glitter. It still looks glittery today.
I have painted a lot of the chipboard 
with Matt black spray paint
a technique I still use today.

The back also has to be tidy and interesting.
Here you can see my red bottle top on the 
heel. The reason for this 
was that the elements inside the shoe seemed to 
be on a lean, so I straightened them by 
popping the bottle cap on the heel...problem solved !!

Even the tall heel is a place to pop 

The Chipboard children are painted black and 
covered with Dimensional magic to give 
a gloss look.
They have not faded over the years and still look fabulous 

To finish the look I have added a paper 
yellow brick road.
When you do a project well and 
use good products and techniques 
it will last the test of time.

Happy Crafting 
From Sue